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Direct Hearing Aid Services
Direct Hearing Aid Repair Services is your One-Stop shop for all your repair needs:
  • Most Hearing Aids can be repaired regardless of age to save you money.
  • Offers 48-hour "in-house" turnaround on most hearing aid repair so you can get your Hearing back faster.
  • Technicians are factory trained & ertified with 20+ years of experience in hearing aid service.
  • Offers same day pick-up for the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
  • Provides new faceplates and upgrades on most custom models.
  • Re-casing available on ALL custom  models to extend the life of your Hearing Aid.
  • Offers refurbished BTE (Behind the Ear)  Hearing Aids for just $345.00 with One-year Guarantee.
  • Extended "Worry-Free" Warranty on our hearing aid repair service available for an additional six months - $99.59
Repair any custom-made hearing aid, regardless of age or manufacturer!
  • You can have a new custom Shell made for ANY  reason.
  • Repair, Upgrade, & Convert to a Digital Circuit to improve sound quality.
  • Repair the electronic components from any Custom or Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid
  • Most Brands of Hearing Aids  can be Repaired in the Lab for Hearing Aid Repair, Garden Grove CA, and sent back by Mail or Courier within 24 to 48 hours.
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